360 Systems’ DigiCart/EX Ethernet Audio recorder continues a 20-year history as a first-choice for audio spots in television broadcasting. DigiCart/EX is more than an improvement on the original DigiCart® concept – it’s a high-performance, Ethernet audio system for integrated audio.


Networked Audio Without The Computer

No computer and no mouse–just the hands-on efficiency of real buttons for all operations. Ethernet Audio® is the link to Mac® and PC-based audio workstations. Now, audio programs produced on DAWs can be easily played, manually or from automation, with DigiCart/EX. When it’s time to actually move an audio file, it’s many times faster than real-time. Clear and easy to use, DigiCart/EX is designed from the ground up for broadcast professionals.

DigiCart/EX Works the Same As DigiCart II

Anyone who uses DigiCart II will know how to use DigiCart/EX. It offers better displays, better screen messages, and new networking features, but with the same familiar buttons. It’s 100% compatible with earlier DigiCart recorders, plays files produced on them, and uses similar front panel commands.

All earlier DigiCart files can be played–whether Dolby AC-2, 16-bit linear, 44.1 or 48K-so valuable program content and archives can be carried forward. DigiCart/EX can also create new files for use in DigiCart II, letting earlier hardware remain a valid part of a new facility.

New Editing Tools

DigiCart/EX provides a faster way to edit audio. Edits can always be undone, and trim points can be easily changed for a future re-edit of the cut. DigiCart/EX provides clear indications of edit points and the present location within a cut.

DigiCart-EX Diagram

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  • Instant audio access and playout from anywhere
  • Same familiar operations as DigiCart II
  • File interchange with DigiCart II
  • Popular .WAV files as native format
  • Record/play to local drives or network file server
  • Hot Keys for instant-playback
  • 10,000 audio clips stored on internal hard drive
  • 100 Mb/s Ethernet interface to the network file server
  • Archive with internal SD memory card reader
  • Large LCD display for 40 characters text
  • 24-bit A/D, & D/A converters
  • Optional use of Dolby AC-2 format
  • Sample rates: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K
  • Generates any output rate from stored files
  • AES/EBU Digital I/O on XLR-3 connectors
  • AES-3-ID 75Ω or IEC-958 Type II (consumer) digital I/O on BNC connectors
  • +4 dBu analog input/output on XLR-3 connectors
  • Output level trims
  • LED level meters with clip indication
  • Threshold record trigger
  • Headphone jack with level control
  • Sync sources include internal crystals, AES-3, S/P DIF, AES-11
  • Computer keyboard connector
  • EIA-422/485 (9-pin) remote control port
  • Standard DigiCart II serial protocol
  • Supports Peripheral Bus (E-Mem) serial commands
  • Accepts optional RC-230 remote control
  • Five GPI inputs with tally output
  • Internal hard drive
  • Playlisting capability
  • Software updates via network transfer