D3 Digital broadcast mixing desk

Mesa de mezclas universal multitarea, compacta y totalmente digital, diseñada para todo tipo de transmisiones con las técnicas más modernas de emisión, con todas las comodidades que pueda imaginar, sorprendentemente intuitiva y lo más importante, a un precio muy competitivo.

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  • 8 fader channels with 3 inputs each, independent dual stereo balanced and digital outputs.
  • A bright, full colour touchscreen which is amazingly intuitive to operate, protected by a tough polycarbonate layer.
  • Equaliser, dynamics and all settings that can be stored per input in up to 32 presets.
  • Prefade listening, faderstart and the much appreciated buttonstart.
  • Straight forward general purpose remote contacts for easy interfacing of all kind of equipment or automation systems.
  • Extensive monitoring, PPM meters.
  • Programmable stereo busses for studio foldback or outside source feed.
  • Telephone hybrid interfacing with TalkBack and even DTMF tone dialling.

Power Supply: wide range mains adaptor 110 / 240V 50/60 Hz Euro, UK, US/Japan

Dimensions: Width: 440 mm / 19” / 483 mm - Depth: 269 mm - Height: 115 mm (max.)

Weight: approx. 5 kg


  • 6 balanced microphone inputs with 48V phantom powering, to be configured as studio or control room microphone.
  • 2 AES/EBU digital inputs with built-in sample rate converter on XLR-type connectors.
  • 16 stereo line inputs on RCA cinch connectors.
  • 6 inputs can be switched between line 1, line 2 and microphone, 2 inputs between the 2 line inputs or AES/EBU.
  • E.Q., dynamics, input type etc. can be set individually per input.


  • 2 main stereo outputs balanced analogue and AES/EBU digital on XLR, dual tasking allowing for recording while on-air.
  • 4 stereo analogue outputs on jack, these can be configured as a standard AUX, for hybrid cleanfeed or studio foldback with talkback.
  • 1 control room monitor output with volume control, mute and dim function.
  • 1 headphones output with volume control and jack connector on the front panel and on the back.

Monitor and Meters

  • 2 meters with PPM characteristics and individual source selector.
  • Control room monitor with volume control, source selector, mute and dim function.
  • Headphones output with volume control, independent source select and jack connector on the back and front panel.

What makes the unit really powerful are the typical broadcast logical functions:

  • Red light signaling for Studio and Control Room,
  • Remote recall of stored settings also by means of a simple external switch.

And for each channel:

  • Faderstart, continue or pulse; “Start” on/off button; Pfl. active output; Enable codec / hybrid output (hybrid 'on');
  • Channel remote mute input; Ring detect input to signal incoming calls from hybrids;
  • Fader overrule (unity gain e.g. for automatic commercial broadcast); Remote pfl. 'on');
  • In order to integrate the mixing desk with broadcast automation software all these functions are available on a USB connector.

Available is a 25 pin D-type connector with 8 general purpose opto isolated outputs and 8 inputs. You can program a choice or a combination of the above functions to these inputs and outputs.

All settings can be stored into and recalled from non volatile memory, also available is a mode were you can remote recall previously stored settings by means of a simple contact closure. Selectable mode of operation at start-up.