Eventos Feria Internacional Gotham Cable

Gotham Cable estará en el Musikmesse de Frankfurt

El proveedor de cable Gotham estará presente en el Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011, en el stand 8.0 L57

Nota de prensa:

Gotham Audio, the Swiss based cable manufacturer will display the range of professional Audio and Video cables. Gotham has a unique range of double Reussen shielded audio cables for digital (AES-EBU) and microphone signals. Also featuring a 4times noise protected new ultra Guitar cable and a double Reussen shielded unbalanced audio cable as unique shielded wires for noiseless transportation of the audio signal w/o interferences and negative influences to the genuine signal. Gotham claims no miracle and religious cables features but will promise worry free transportation of any Audio signal from source to destination w/o taking influence into the signal characteristics. Gotham believes in best possible shielding!

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